All About Me

Sigh… Where to begin…

Well, I am 26 years of age, about 5’5″, and have brown hair. If You are on my blog you probably know all the basics. I am happily married, and the proud father of three amazing girls.

I am kind of a redneck at heart, but I think I hide it well to the casual observer. I love the outdoors, and frequently subject the poor women in my life to overnight backpacking trips. I love to hunt and fish, but hardly ever make the time to do so anymore.

I am training for my first marathon. I study Mei Hua kung fu, and I am very interested in eastern holistic medicine.

I am short and usually have a good sense of humor about it.

I am a recovering monster energy drink addict.

I bite my nails far too often.

I enjoy writing as well as art work though I am not particularly good at either.

I struggle a lot with having a very “all or nothing” approach to life. Sometimes it leads me to accomplish great things. Other times it leads me to do nothing.

I am sure I will add more later but… That’s me in a nutshell…


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11 03 2010

I want to follow your blog! Will you add that box on the side of your page so I can follow you?

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