Here we go!

19 06 2012

In the wake of 2012’s Death Race they have been successful at one thing. I am unsettled.

Here is the first of probably many pieces of correspondence with the race director. One thing is for sure, this race isn’t for everyone, but maybe it’s for me. 

“‎2013 will be a special year for the Death race. It will be our 9th year torturing people then watching them go home broken. The Theme is Gambling.

1. Race will start Saturday at 4:00 am sharp.
2. Format will be an all out solo race.
3. Cheating will not be tolerated.
4. An exact gear list will be given to you.
5. Check in will be Friday at 4:00 pm.
6. If you have raced before and finished you will be gambling away your previous finishes. If you have never raced before and you don’t finish you will not be allowed to participate again until 2015.
7. All details regarding 2013 will be given to you on August 1 of this year. Don’t lose the information.
8. You will need an article or your race starts 4 hours late.
9. You will have time cutoff’s at each event if you miss them you are out.

Course closes Sunday at Noon. We’ll have a BBQ and awards ceremony Sunday afternoon.”




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