13 12 2010

My 2010 Ragnar experience.

After not nearly enough sleep, I rose from my bed before the sun and started washing dishes… I mean who wants to come home from a long weekend to a sinkload of dirty dishes. We arrive at the Vetters at about 6 and begin loading into the van, which will be our home for about the next 32 hours. 32 hours in a cramped space my only significant breaks being to step out into cold and run a grand total of 36 miles.

The great thing about the group we had is that it was an all inclusive group of intelligent runners prepared to take on any challenge foolish enough to lay before us. So naturally we all did the responsible thing, nothing. Our fearless leader and team captain crossed all the t’s, dotted all the i’s, and even filled our lacking roster save two empty spots which were filled by myself and another runner who doubled up.
All in all, the whole experience was far too much for a simple blog post. We experienced the widest array of weather and geography one could ask for. Ran up crippling hills, ran through bitter cold, people ran personal bests, others(me) barley finished. Any of my teammates that wish to, leave a comment or share a memory please do. As for the journey, you just had to be there.

Some things I want to say to people:

Everyone in van 1 – This was so unique, in one day we saw each other in a barage of uncomfortable scenarios it was like a crash course where you get the first few months of a friendship out of the way. I really care about all of you.

Michelle – you make me laugh

My wife – where did you come from, you came out of nowhere and dominated, wow.

Carrie – you had the most amazing attitude in the face of extreme discomfort, a few times it made me want to grab your shoulders and shake you until you quite smiling, but it was an incredible encouragement to us all.

Andy – You were an amazing asset this weekend, even though we all teased each other, when you left the van to run we all realized how good you were at keeeping us on track, thank you.

Chaz – It was amazing to have you so envolved and not even be a runner, you essentially did the race but without your turn to be the focus of our attention. You always new what was going on, Who was where, who needed to be getting ready, and still managed to be really encouraging.

Everyone in van 2 – I felt like we were on seperate teams, It was like you were running a whole other race and every so often we would see you. You did amazing. Proud of you all.

Guy on leg three in a yellow shirt – holy crap, slow down, at your age it can’t be good for you to run that fast. and it certainly isn’t good for my self esteem.

Brian – You were a workhorse this weekend, thank you so much for all you did as a volunteer.

The city of Cowan, TN – Really, I mean… really… My choices for a dinner that isn’t coming out of my duffel bag are the nicest mexican place I’ve ever seen (the waiters wore vests and they had 21 different types of tequila) or pizza by the slice from a shell station. I never thought I’d be wishing a Mcdonald’s.

Tall late 40’s guy with broad shoulders – I saw you off and on the whole race and I don’t know what you do to your hair but it always looked flawless even while you were running.

Echo- our fearless captain, proud of you I know you had a tough time getting us ready, and a tougher time with the race, but you did wonderful with both.




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